● GITZO eXact 旅行家系列全新上市

2016-07-04 15:21:13

Traveler tripods and monopod
Traveler Tripods, with the 180° leg folding mechanism pioneered by Gitzo,
are now even stronger with the state of the art “Carbon eXact” tubes.

“Traveler G-lock”, a new leg lock system dedicated for Traveler Tripods, is compact but strong and ergonomic.
The new range is available in 4 sizes, as legs only, or as kits (tripod+head) featuring the new Center Ball Heads for ultimate smoothness and precision.
The slimmest Series 0 is added to the Traveler family for the first time, while the Series 1 and 2 models have become taller than their predecessors.   



Carbon eXact – stronger legs
Carbon eXact tubes are stiffer than the predecessors’ Carbon 6X tubes, as they include HM (High Modulus) carbon fibre,
and have larger tube diameters. For example, the lowest leg section of the Series 1, 5 section tripod has a diameter of 11.2mm; 40% larger than the predecessor.

eXact碳纖維絲僅0.5µm(6X 0.7µm),碳纖維絲增加42%,其吸震,堅硬度更佳腳管外徑加粗後 穩定性更佳.

Traveler G-lock – space saving and ergonomic
Traveler G-lock is a new, compact leg lock system dedicated to Traveler Tripods.
Its space efficiency makes it possible to have taller tripods with compact folded lengths.
The new, curved external form gives good grip, while the internal O-ring achieves softer operation and reduces dust and grit entering the locks.

全新Treveler G-lock縮短收納長度,空間有效利用後展開常度更高且具有防塵排  砂的功能

Tripod Kits with new Center Ball Heads
The head is smooth, precise, and perfectly fits between the folded legs.
All tripod models are available as Kits with head, or without the head. The head in Kits can be easily removed and replaced with other heads.
旅行家套組更簡約,  雲台可輕易更換

Other features for ease of use

Short column included for faster switching to ground level position

New feet for Series 0&1 models – space saving, stable, and easy to replace in case they get worn out. The feet for Series 2 are interchangeable with optional feet.

Shoulder strap included – convenient switching between carrying and shooting

  附短中軸 低角攝影用          2號腳可更換腳釘,雪地座,防滑座(另購)              套組附肩帶

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